Roadless Walk



Housecleaning is an opportunity for physical exercise or to move our bodies. In turn, physical exercise is beneficial for intracellular housecleaning. It’s a win-win scenario that’s too good to pass up. I hope this encourages you to start or continue…
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A Walk to Remember Who We Are

Gnothi Seauton: that’s Greek for Know Thyself; this endeavor is not new, it’s been encouraged and practiced long before the tunic was in fashion. Buddha encouraged his followers to learn from the inside. He outlines an eight fold path that…
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My Type of Cosmetics

My motto for starting a day on a high is: Feel good, look better. Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean hiding your imperfections with the use of concealers or masking your small flaws with foundations. For me, it means getting out of bed…
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Finding Pleasure in the Simple Things

– “Here we are. Here & Now. That’s all there is and if it isn’t beautiful, man, there’s nothing.” – Ram Dass Here’s my top 10 list of common activities you can find pleasure in. Hush, here’s the secret: you…
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