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Centers and Ground

Home is people not a place. When you go back, all you'll find is what's not there anymore.

Where would you sit?

One of the hardest things you can do in life, in my opinion, is to know yourself. Why? Life is beautiful and it’s full of distractions, one moment you’re traveling across the globe, the next moment you’re surrounded by friends and families. We’re forever doing, which leaves little room for being. Eckhart says, “you are a Human Being, not a human doing.” Being and doing are very closely related; complete awareness is a necessary and sufficient condition for “being” but the same cannot be said about “doing”. Ask yourself this, when you wake up in the morning to start a new day, are you aware of your purpose? Are you acting in accordance with your self and what it is you desire? Are you being human or are you doing human?

Being is about finding yourself, reaching your center, finding your ground, be the best you. I think that every moment in our lives test us, tests our capacity to stay true to ourselves. Find yourself first; discover your purpose; uncover your hidden talent; show the world your potential. You can read more about knowing ourselves, being human, and acting with intention in the links I’ve provided. I realize now that I haven’t written as much as I think I have but the little that I wrote speaks a lot. At least, I hope it speaks to you.

Get lost to find yourself!

We are lost until we find ourselves.

In the process of finding yourself, you’ll also find your center. What do I mean by centers? Your center is the focal point of your spiritual power, the focal point of your potential; it’s what keeps you grounded. Being grounded is not such a bad thing; you may think that you want to defy gravity and you want to go on adventures. You can do all these things and still be grounded, in the spiritual sense. Being present in the now, being balanced, staying true to your self, having control over your ego, behavior, and reactions. These are all grounding things. When your parents “grounded” you as a child, your innocence and sense of wonder made it seem like a terrible thing. All the sudden, you weren’t allowed to hang with friends. You weren’t allowed to watch television. You were put in a corner and silenced. Children don’t understand this form of “punishment” because their world is very physical. It’s all about discovering the next big thing through the senses. Only when you grow older do you realize that when your emotions are out of whack or when you lose touch with reality, that silence and detachment is good for you; it cultivates introspection.

Are you grounded? Find out by observing your own behavior in social interactions. I’m not saying that if you’re easily frustrated, your spiritual power is unbalanced. What I’m saying is, be fully present in the now. It’s all we’ll ever have. Your breath is your life so be aware of how you use it. Your being is your power so be conscious of it’s potential. Your center is your ground so hold on to it consciously. Are you in control of yourself? Are you being or are you doing?


Walk Consciously!

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