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Easier Said Than Done So One Step at a Time.

cosmosThis is a response to a post I saw on Facebook about God and why He doesn’t intervene?

… because that is the way it is; any other way and it would not be what it is. People lose their faith in God because the name has been tarnished, used as a reason to start wars, used as a reason to hate, used for everything but love. You don’t have to be religious to believe in something we can’t explain, something obviously beyond our comprehension. Given the immensity of the universe, the chances of our existence should make you question if there isn’t anything else out there. ISIS or Boko Haram exists because there is good and evil. What is evil but a lack of what’s good, a severe lack of it. Wars happen because people lose touch of what’s good, forget to love, forget what it’s like to be human. Being human is existing in harmony with what’s good and what’s not good. When we fail to do so, it is said that one has “lost their humanity“. Being human means understanding that things aren’t going to be perfect but we can still live happy lives, if we want to. Being happy fosters a channel for being the best person one can be and that requires knowing ourselves. Knowing ourselves will make us realize that we are beautiful and the world is beautiful. Recognizing this beauty will make us realize that there’s got to be MORE!

Bad things happen to good people; we witness it everyday. In my opinion it’s because there is a karmic law that governs actions.  Most of us may not believe it but our lives are interconnected in ways we don’t understand. There are actually Americans out there who believe that Trump can be the next president of the United States; a decision made by millions that could have consequences they’d never expect. On the other side of the world, millions of innocent lives are displaced and broken because people with military power are greedy. Black lives lost because there are still people on earth who believe that the color of one’s skin makes for an inferior race. LGBTQIA+ communities are targets of hate because we don’t understand them or we don’t even dare to try. Life on earth is only as cruel as we make it.

Instead of fighting wars, why don’t we feed the hungry. Instead of trading bullets, why don’t we swap smiles and hugs? Instead of hatred for one another, why don’t we love? If life is a test, some of us are failing miserably at it.

What’s the point in saying all this? It’s to get you to wake up; wake up from the dream that society has built for you. Changes start from within and I’m not saying we can change the world; I’m saying stop complaining: “do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” – An expression of faith

*Yes, I watched Hillary’s DNC speech. No, I can’t vote for her; I’m not American.

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