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Finding Pleasure in the Simple Things

Experienced nature's beauty first hand while farming and gardening on a ranch in Vermont.

Experienced nature’s beauty first hand while farming and gardening on a ranch in Vermont.

“Here we are. Here & Now. That’s all there is and if it isn’t beautiful, man, there’s nothing.” – Ram Dass

Here’s my top 10 list of common activities you can find pleasure in. Hush, here’s the secret: you control your happiness!


30,000 mornings , give or take, is all we’re given. Live life now! Don’t miss a day of it.


1. Waking up to a clean kitchen and brewing your own coffee, or tea.

This is the start of your day; it’s about creating the order you desire that’s going to be fundamental for everything else to come. Brewing coffee or tea takes 15 minutes which is effortless but the result is a warm feeling that’s invigorating.

2. The sense of personal achievement after making a delicious breakfast and the satisfaction of your hunger.

There’s a reason why people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Last night, you may have been asleep but your body was working, cleaning, repairing itself throughout the night, preparing you for the next day. So in turn,  you need to nourish it with plenty of energy too.

3. The clean and refreshed feeling after a shower.

A shower is an opportunity to cleanse whatever dirt you may be holding onto, either literally or figuratively.

4. Dressing to impress yourself.

Wear something you look good in and is also appropriate for the day. I say impress yourself because that’s all that matters.

5. Listening to your favorite music.

Listen to it, whistle it, dance to it. Add it to the beat of your heart and witness the colors that fill your life.

shadesof leaves


6. Wherever you are, enjoy the outdoors and feel the sun caress your skin

  • If you’re going to work: it’s getting a seat on the bus/train/subway
  • If you’re going to class: it’s arriving early to choose your favorite seat
  • If you’re at home: it’s taking time to yourself

If it’s winter where you are then be thankful that the sun is out today. Appreciate it’s subtle warmth and watch it’s light bring life to the snow. If the sun is hidden behind the clouds, then watch how innocent the Earth looks all covered in snow; so white, so pure.

7. Call, text, or email a friend or family member and share the love as well as the light of your day

There is something special about the ability to make someone else smile. It’s a gift for everyone.

8. Doing your best today

This is the simplest but yields unquestionable rewards. Whatever you do today, do it to the fullest of your capabilities. Leave no room for doubt and fill it instead with a sense of pride and fulfillment.

9. Put on your favorite sweat pants and t-shirt
This is the time when we remove the masks we can’t help but wear when we’re at work or at school. Society is hard to fight so when you’re told that work requires you to dress formally or you need to dress appropriately for school, well – pick your battles. There’s always going to be time for you to be your authentic self and this is it. Ladies, take off your bras after a long day. Men, get rid of your suits. So constricting, so limiting! Be free now!

10. Get into bed with a smile

Smile! There’s a million reasons to and you’ve only just scratched the surface. Aren’t you excited for more?


  1. Sarah

    Finding pleasure in the simplicity of life. Great post.

    1. Nahita (Post author)

      Thank you!


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