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Human Things

Laughter is one of the best medicines for the body and the soul. Here’s a top 10 list of things we do as humans that I hope we can all relate to and bring some humor to our existence. Note: Sound is available for the videos.

1) The agony of stubbing your toe on the sharpest corners of furniture and not being able to do much but hold tight to the affected area until the pain subsides.

2) Hiccups and the different cures we have for them varying form eating a spoonful of sugar, covering all holes on your face whilst drinking water, and of course scaring the hiccups off.


3) Sleep paralysis: when your mind is awake but your body is still asleep. This happened to me once and was probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced.

4) Get pins and needles: it happens when you apply too much extra weight or pressure on a nerve, temporarily inhibiting its function, and then remove the pressure. As the nerve gradually returns to normal, our brain somehow interprets its activity as a tingling sensation or when you say your foot fell asleep.

5) Percussive Maintenance or the act of hitting or tapping a malfunctioning device to make them work.

percussive maintenance

6) Losing your socks to the washer or is it the dryer. You’ll never know!!!

7) Pacing around when you have a long phone call: talking on the telephone lacks that certain something called visual feedback; walking transfers emotions (enthusiasm, boredom, or anger) to a physical action.

pace8) Laughing when someone falls: This is partly explained by the “play frame,” which puts a real-life event in a non-serious context and allows for an atypical psychological reaction. Play frames explain why most people will not find it comical if someone falls from a 10-story building and dies: in this instance, the falling person’s distress hinders the establishment of the nonserious context. But if a woman casually walking down the street trips and flails hopelessly as she stumbles to the ground, the play frame may be established, and an observer may find the event amusing.


9) Continually checking the fridge in hopes to find something different.

10) Spending 10 minutes trying to figure out skype/facebook messenger video calls and 5 minutes of actual conversation.


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