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My Type of Cosmetics


My motto for starting a day on a high is: Feel good, look better.

Looking good doesn’t necessarily mean hiding your imperfections with the use of concealers or masking your small flaws with foundations. For me, it means getting out of bed with the right attitude, that converts your grin to a smile. It means nourishing your inner Home with positivity and the love of life. It means feeding your body with energy rich foods that bring out your inner glow. This is my type of cosmetics. It includes:

– Self-confidence

– Fortitude

– Zeal for something

– A sense of appreciation for life

– Faith

– Courage to face the day!

Did you know that cosmetics in Greek, kosmetikos, means to be skilled in adornment or arrangement. The root word here is cosmo or order/universe hence we can look at cosmetics in the sense of harmony, order and tranquility.

When your inner Home is tranquil, energy flows in your direction and things work out as they should – most often in your favor!


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